The Iron Intern™

Only God Makes A Better Arm

The Simplistic & Intuitive Iron Intern™

Superior Manufacturing

For over 30 years, with great success, AMP has provided the surgical world with the highest quality holders, retractors, and surgical equipment. The Iron Intern® Retractor Holder is made from 100% Swiss stainless steel. When you use the Iron Intern® everyone benefits.

3/D Swinger  Operating table clamp

  • Rail clamp with self-adjusting adaptability to fit virtually every operating table. 3/D Swinger permits complete versatility of angling at the site of fixation to the operating table. The 3/D Swinger permits it to be tilted to any position the surgeon requires. With the Iron Intern®, a simple adjustment of the 3/D Swinger permits rotation of the long arm up to 180 degrees.

The Vertical Pole

  • The Vertical Pole allows you to adjust the length of the main support of the articulating mechanical arm by locking it at your required position and tightening the 3/D Swinger on the rail.

3/D Swinger with Grooves New redesign table clamp
** Rail clamp with grooves for better gripping power**

  • The newly designed 3/D Swinger rail clamp (Patent Pending) provides a better locking mechanism. Inserting grooves inside the inner collar of the table clamp guarantees the vertical pole will be locked in place and stable even under vigorously applied pressure. Ask about 21-day free trial to see how it works.
Your Tireless Surgical Assistant

The Iron Intern® functions like a human arm with a shoulder, elbow, and wrist joint. Releasing and locking the wingnut at the elbow joint locks all three. This allows surgeons to adjust the arm to any required position.
The wrist joint holds our large selection of retractors to accommodate specific surgery needs. The Universal " Gemma" Clamp (G9) makes using other brand name retractors possible.
When you use the Iron Intern® everyone benefits:

  • Less risk of trauma through slippage. The Iron Intern® locks in place and will not move
  • Less risk of wound trauma. The Iron intern® remains steady and constant
  • Less risk of hematoma and other trauma from pressure on tissues, as the Iron Intern® does not depend on tissue to hold its position
  • Suitable for fragile organs such as liver, pancreas and intestines
  • Often less time under anesthesia, since Iron Intern® can shorten the procedures


  • Constant exposure even after many operating hours
  • Optimal access to the surgical site. No longer has to work around hands of the assistant
  • Reliable traction of exact tension desired- from a few grams to 12 kilos (26 1/2lbs)
  • Total maneuverability of retractors through a full range of motion, thanks to a design that mimics the human arm
  • Greater control over results, as the surgeon positions adjusts a fixed the retractors
  • Hands are used for operating, not retraction
  • Not having to instruct an assistant in retractor placement can reduce procedure time
  • The ability to perform some procedures without assistants, when necessitated by major catastrophes or war. In normal circumstances, often only a single assistant is needed
  • Set up and repositioning is quick and easy. Totally independent, the Iron Intern® does not require frames or holders. The simple clamp holding loosens to reposition the retractor. A single wing nut fixes the arm in the position wanted
  • Greater control over results, as the surgeon positions, adjusts and fixes the retractors


  • Hands are free to assist surgeon.
  • Since not needed for retraction, staff can concentrate on other important tasks
  • Clean up is quick and simple. The Iron Intern® can be autoclaved as one unit
  • Medical Students learn better, since attention is not divided between retraction duties and observation


  • Fewer scrubbed staff means lower cost in terms of disposable gowns, masks, gloves, etc.
  • Better staff utilization has enabled some institutions to open additional operating theaters


Fields of Surgical Application

Interchangeable retractor blades can be used for a wide range of procedures, even transplants and laparoscopic surgery. There is no need to purchase special retractors for varying specialties. They are all available from Automated Medical Products Corp.
Fields of Surgical Application:

  • General
  • Laparoscopic
  • Bariatric
  • Plastic
  • Gynecology
  • Transplantation
  • Vascular
  • Urological
  • Orthopedics
  • Thoracic
  • Oral
  • Otolaryngology
  • Maxillo-Facial
  • Veterinary

     Many more...

Iron Intern
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