Greenstein Gripper Clamps

Only God Makes A Better Arm

"A mechanical retractor, which mimics the human arm (the Iron Intern®, Automated Medical Products Corp.) is of much utility in general, bariatric, and transplantation surgery. It has now been adapted for laparoscopic surgery by developing "Grippers". These "Grippers" act as a substitute for the human fingers, which hold laparoscopic instruments directly or fix the trocar through which the laparoscopic will pass. Three grippers have been developed. The first, "Gripper #1 (LC1), is designed to hold standard cylindrical laparoscopic instruments. It has flat gripping surfaces whose intent is to minimize trauma to the gripped instrument by dispersing the region of compression over as large an area as possible. The two other Grippers hold the torcars through which the laparoscope itself will pass. "Gripper #2" (LC2) attaches a disposable trocar, while "Gripper #3" (LC3) will hold a reusable metal trocar. The apparatus permits two surgeons to perform a supine laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Routinely, two grippers are used, one to hold the trocar for the camera and a second to fix the fundic grasping instrument. A third gripper can be used to retract Hartmann’s pouch or vision-obscuring liver or small bowel. When conversion to laparotomy is necessary, the retractor is of equal utility in providing exposure."


-Dr. Robert Greenstein


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For Immediate Release:
Doha, Qatar 6 December 2011:
A team of surgeons at Hamad Medical Corporation...

Iron Intern
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