Iron InternĀ® Stieber Rib Grip

Only God Makes A Better Arm

Iron Intern® Stieber Rib Grip was developed in Pittsburgh, PA, the site of the first liver transplants in the USA. Currently it is being used in the majority of Transplant Centers around the world. The Stieber Rib Grip Kit provides superior exposure in the abdomen. Safety and security of the patient is assured with the use of the Stieber Rib Grip Kit because of its unique design and Swiss precision manufacturing.

The prime difference from all other retractors is its ability of holding the organ itself for precise and safe removal. When installing the donor organ it provides optimum positioning for the anastomosing of the vessels and structures involved. Other retractors only hold the coastal margins or the abdominal wound site and not the internal organs. This kit Provides perfect operative exposure for pediatric patients as well as morbidly obese adults.


The design advantages of the Stieber Rib Grip Kit include:

  • Ease of set up and extreme versatility
  • It functions as human arm with a shoulder, elbow and wrist
  • It accommodates blades for pediatric as well as adult patients


Various sizes of Stieber blades can be attached and used upon request and need. Very small sizes of the blades are used for pediatric patients and regular or extra large sizes of the blades for morbidly obese patients. G/110-2(A and B), G/110-3(A and B), G/110-4(A and B), G/110-5(A and B), G/110-6(A and B), G/110-7(A and B), G/110-8 (A and B).

Our highest quality ratchet type system reduces the requirements for additional assistants because of the superb adaptability of the blades, therefore allowing easy access to the entire upper abdomen. The union between the Hydra Yoke (two-arm retractor holder) and the popular Lees Center Platform gives the opportunity to grasp two additional retractors. The Stieber Rib Grip Kit contains: 2 Vertical Poles each with 3-D Swinger Rail Clamp1 Two-piece horizontal bar, 2- Stieber #4 blade2- Stieber #5 blade1-Stieber right large platform1-Stieber left large platform1-Stieber right small platform1-Stieber left small platform2-Stieber turning handles2-Stieber ratcheted handles1-Stieber needle1- Lees center platform – special platform with wing nut for Stieber Kit, which allows the addition of a Hydra Yoke the two-arm retractor holder. Cowan Gripper the choice of one arm instead using Hydra Yoke with Lees Center Platform.


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