Iron Intern® Blades & Ring Frames

500+ Multi-Specialty, Interchangeable Blades

AMP offers blades in various sizes, made in the highest quality stainless steel. The blades are also available as radiolucent titanium or anodized aluminum. Blades are customizable to meet procedural needs.

Fiber optics or suction can be attached to any rigid blade to provide superior illumination.

We have a broad range of blades available to meet many procedural needs.

  • General Abdominal Blades
  • Giant Abdominal Blades
  • Center Blades
  • Deaver Blades
  • Fritsch Blades
  • Gynecology Blades
  • Harrington Sweetheart Blades
  • Heaney Blades
  • Kelly Blades
  • Malleable Blades
  • McBurney Blades
  • Orthopedic Blades
  • Oral Blades
  • Pediatric Blades
  • Rectal Blades
  • Richardson Blades
  • Skin Rakes & Hooks
  • Vascular Blades
  • Wire Blades

 Blade Features

  • Highest quality stainless steel
  • Fully Customizable
  • Available as Radiolucent, Titanium or Fiber Optic

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A few of the over 500 blades are pictured in the gallery below. Click on a gallery image to open the image at full size. Cycle through full size images by clicking the arrows. See all blades and other products by clicking the button below.

Ring Style Frames

Automated Medical Products offers a range of ring frames that meet a vast range of surgical procedures. The ring style frames are easily attachable to the Iron Intern® arm.

Ring Style Features

  • Quick blade adjustment
  • Stainless steel, lightweight
  • Custom blades available

Learn more and view ring frames by clicking a link below.