Iron Intern® Stieber Rib Grip

The Premier Surgical Retraction System – Liver Transplant, Oncology, and Bariatric Surgery

I’ve been using the Iron Intern® Stieber Rib Grip  for the last 25 years.  In our OR, it’s been commonly known as “The Big Boy.”  I have been utilizing it for Bariatric, Hepatobiliary, and Foregut surgery, including Whipple, Esophagectomy, Liver Resections, Gastric Resections and Trauma. I haven’t seen a retractor with better exposure than the Stieber.”

Dr. Gary Belzberg, Onslow Memorial Hospital

Top Photo: G-110 Stieber Kit, SBGB5A, GB0063, GB0049.

The Iron Intern® Stieber Rib Grip is the premier retractor system for liver transplant, oncology, and bariatric surgery.

It is an open retraction system that delivers superior strength, optimum exposure, total ease of set up, and extreme flexibility. The Stieber Rib Grip was developed at UPMC, Pittsburgh, world-renowned transplant center of the late Dr. Thomas Starzl, the father of liver transplant. In liver transplant, the Iron Intern® Stieber Rib Grip provides exposure for the precise and safe removal of organs. It is used in a great number of prominent transplant centers, and achieves the strongest and safest exposure.

The Iron Intern® Stieber Rib Grip Features

  • Strong – With larger joints
  • Safe – Out of the way retraction
  • Secure – With ratcheted handles
  • Best Exposure – to the entire abdomen
  • Stable – For long procedures
  • Reliable – With precise positioning
  • Flexible – For multiple configuration needs
  • Customizable – With range of components
  • Easy – Quick set-up
  • Reduced – OR/staff contamination
Stieber Ratcheted Handle Blades

The Stieber ratcheted handle blades provide the strongest and most superior retraction. Blades are made of the highest quality stainless steel. Also available in radiolucent titanium or anodized aluminum. They are available in three handle styles and many different sizes and designs.

G-110 Stieber Kit featuring G-110-5A Blade

TYPE A Ratcheted Handle Blades

  • Fixed. Pivotal Pin.
  • Handle permanently attached to blade
  • Allows blade rotation on one plane
TYPE B Ratcheted Handle Blades

  • Slotted End. Interchangeable.
  • Allows blade rotation in any plane
  • Allows special blades to retract the costal margins
TYPE C Ratcheted Handle

  • With the Iron Intern® Wrist Joint
  • Allows use of blades for every open abdominal procedure
  • Provides range of motion in different planes

The Iron Intern® Stieber Rib Grip Kit #G-110

Item LabelDescriptionPart Number
ALees Center Platform#LEECEN
BHydra Yoke Double Arm#HYD0YO
CVertical Pole with Wingnut#SBPOWN
DVertical Pole with V-Notch#SBPOVN
ETwo-Piece Horizontal Bar#SB0BAR
FGrooved 3/D Swinger Rail Clamp (x2)#3DSGRV
GStieber Small Platform (Left)#SBSPFL Left
GStieber Small Platform (Right)#SBSPFR Right
HStieber Large Platform (Left)#SBLPFL Left
HStieber Large Platform (Right)#SBLPFR Right
IStieber Turning Handle (x2)#SBTHAN
JStieber Needle#SBTPIN
2 pairsStieber Ratcheted Handle BladesType A or B

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